From January 2014 we are excited to announce an in-house partnership with Mirage-VFX of Sydney. We are very excited to be renewing a very successful working relationship with Patrick and his team and can’t wait to introduce them to all our clients in the coming months.

With a full team of Mirage-VFX CG artists, Modellers, Animators, Technical Directors and CG Supervisor based at the Reverberation office we will, with their support, be better equipped than ever to handle any size of CG project, backed up by Mirage’s well established Sydney office.

The assembled talent at Mirage-VFX has worked on many of the biggest CG projects to hit the screen in recent years, and their Sydney office boasts a 300 machine render farm we can call upon, as well as more specialised technical animators for such areas as fluid simulations, particle animation and custom code writing, allowing us to solve the most complex of production problems as they arise.
  • Mirage-VFX Showreel

  • ABC - Hummingbird ID

  • Aero - Vision

  • ABC - Alkaline

  • Bank Mandiri

  • Birdseye - Birds

  • Coke - Bungee

  • Coke - Boat

  • DET - Training WA

  • Nissan - Boulder

  • Valvoline