On time, on budget and to award winning quality.

We have the people and the hardware to deliver, but as a company of experienced film makers our focus is on the work, not the flavour of our coffee.

So take a look at the work – then give us a call.

We could talk about ‘integration’, ‘pipelines’ or ‘colour science’, but the truth is we have the same computers, software and Aeron chairs as everyone else. After all people make commercials, not machines and it doesn’t take 100’s of people to make a great TVC – just the right ones. With the most experience editors around with decades of post production experience spanning the analogue and digital traditions, our people make all the difference.

Our attitude is the secret to our success. We collaborate.
Any post house that tells you they ‘have everything you need’ is lying. TVCs today are too complex for a one size fits all approach. Whilst we do have significant investment in software and hardware, we’re smart enough to know unique problems demand expert solutions.

So on complex projects Reverberation acts as your creative hub, linking you to artists and VFX experts, wherever they may be geographically. In today’s freelance world of artists, editors, designers and small owner/operators you could book many separate companies, then spend your valuable time chasing them while stressing over quality and deliverables, or you can let Reverberation sweat the details.

ECHO, our management software, is uniquely multi-vendor aware – tracking shots through multiple facilities/countries/ artists as easily as if they were just down the corridor. By being able to tap into people anywhere in the world we can select from amongst the best specialists on demand, without having to pass on the costs of keeping such people on permanent staff. So we do. Recent projects have seen us commissioning high speed motion control from Europe to integrate with CG we got created in Sydney, with the offline, colour grade and online completed in-house.

As your creative partner we help devise shoot plans, supervise, create previz, test comps and edit on set, then supervise every stage of the post process, from getting offline approval to master deliverables, keeping you in the loop via an online approval system from our partner Arc9 with HD deliverables sent direct to broadcasters through our partnership with Ebus.

From set to screen Reverberation has you covered.


From our 4K Davinci Grading Suite to our Offline rooms with Avid/FCP/Premiere and our online Smokes and Flame/Nuke effects suites backed up by Adobe CC/Nuke Assist and more plugins and custom software than you can shake a stick at, we get the job done.

With time saving utilities like our own XML/EDL management software to fix common metadata issues from Phantom and Alexa shoots, QTChange to allow instantaneous modification of Quicktime files, and an extensive Autodesk Burn render farm to keep things moving faster in our online rooms, everything we do is focussed on keeping projects on time and on budget at the highest possible quality.

It’s just post. Done properly.